Ocean Weather


Navigate the seas with certainty:
Detailed ocean weather forecasts including waves, wind, tides, & currents.

Top 10 Ocean and Weather Forecast Websites:


National Oceanic  Marine Forecast System: – Comprehensive ocean forecasts for U.S. coastal waters, including waves, wind, tides, and currents.

Surfline:  – Popular among surfers, offering wave height, swell period, wind, tides, and surf cams for global surf spots.

MagicSeaweed: – Another favorite for surfers, featuring detailed forecasts for waves, wind, tides, and surf conditions worldwide.

Windy:  – Visualizes real-time weather data on an interactive map, including wind, waves, precipitation, and satellite imagery.

Coastal Storms:  – Focuses on coastal weather hazards like storm surges, rip currents, and tropical cyclones.

MarineTraffic: – Tracks the movements of ships and boats in real-time, providing insights into shipping patterns and ocean conditions.

OceanWeather Services (OWS)  – Provides oceanographic and meteorological data for the global ocean, including sea surface temperature, currents, and waves.

National Park Service – Ocean and Weather Conditions:  – Offers specific forecasts and advisories for beaches and coastal areas within national parks.

Earth Wind & Water: – Combines forecasts for oceans, mountains, and other outdoor destinations, ideal for adventure enthusiasts.

MeteoFrance: – French national weather service website with detailed marine forecasts for French coastal waters and the Mediterranean Sea.


PredictWind:  – Popular among sailors and boaters, offering detailed forecasts for wind, waves, and currents, with tools for route planning.

Remember: Always check multiple sources for weather and ocean forecasts, especially when planning activities near the water.


The Looming Importance of Sustainability: Building a Future That Lasts

The Earth, our magnificent blue marble suspended in the cosmic void, cradles life in all its breathtaking diversity. Yet, the intricate tapestry of ecosystems and the delicate balance of resources that sustain us face unprecedented challenges. The specter of climate change looms large, its tendrils reaching into every corner of the planet, whispering tales of rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and dwindling biodiversity. In this critical juncture, the clarion call of sustainability rings out, urging us to forge a path toward a future where humanity and nature thrive in harmony.

A Message From Our Editor

The legacy we leave behind will not be measured in monuments of steel and glass, but in the health of our planet and the well-being of its inhabitants. Let our generation be remembered not for its greed and destruction, but for its wisdom and its courage, for its unwavering commitment to preserving the precious gift of life on Earth. For in the end, we are not simply visitors on this planet; we are part of it, woven into the very fabric of its being. The fate of the Earth is our own, and the future is ours to shape. Let us choose wisely, and let us choose together.


Editor in Chief